University of California, San Diego Visit Report by quidditchcat

Visit to University of California, San Diego in July 2019 by quidditchcat
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Visit Activities:

Admissions Interview: No - UCs do not have interviews.

Information Session: Yes - The tour guide told us about the information session, which was led by one of the admissions officers. There was plenty of time for questions and answers.

Campus Tour: Yes - Led by a current student. A bit too much information per building, but overall a good overview of campus.

Classroom Visit: Yes - Was able to sit in on some classes. However, due to it being finals week, there were not very many classes of interest. Lectures were not packed, even in lower division classes, which was surprising.


Friendliness/Courtesy of Students:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Did not have much interaction with students. When asking for directions, the students were kind. Students in lecture were respectful.

Friendliness/Courtesy of Staff:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Again, not much interaction, but of those I had interaction with, they were all quite helpful.

Appearance of Campus:
4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
My only complaint about the campus is the number of people smoking cigarettes - and then proceeding to litter - outside of the library.

Building/Facilities Maintenance/Cleanliness:
3 - Good
3 - Good
Some buildings were well maintained but others were less so.

I cannot rate because I did not see them. In apartment-like buildings.

3 - Good
3 - Good
Seems okay. There are campus police. I didn't run into trouble/danger when I was on my visit.

Overall Campus Impression:
4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
Overall, there seemed to be a good sense of community because of the residential colleges. The campus is in a good location.


Area Immediately Around Campus:
4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
La Jolla seems to be a nice small town near the ocean. As it is not in downtown, it seems to not be as dangerous.

3 - Good
3 - Good
I don't really know...

Campus Visit Notes for University of California, San Diego

Visit Description:

UCSD was a little bit intimidating; however, with the campus bus and a map, it became less so. There was the Sun God festival going on, so I got a good sense of what community is like there.

I attended a chemistry class to see what it was like - there were roughly 50 students there. I was a little surprised because had I sat in on say, a UC Berkeley class of the same level, there would probably be at least 10 times the number of students. However, it could be because they knew the TA would lecture. The lecture seemed unpracticed and a little clumsy.

A few miles away, there is the beach. However, this did not seem to cause a huge party scene as it apparently does for UC Santa Barbara. But this also may have to do with the fact I went during finals week.

Hotel/Lodging Recommendations or Comments:

I stayed at Sheraton La Jolla. The location was a bit remote - up a hill. However, it was about a 10 minute walk to the UCSD campus.

Dining/Restaurant Recommendations or Comments:

Dining hall food is kind of expensive for non UCSD students. I only had a Pearl Milk Tea for lunch.

Other Comments (Transportation, local attractions, parking, etc.):

The campus bus is free, and gets you to everywhere on campus. When I was on campus, there was celebration of the Sun God, a kind of untraditional mascot.